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  • RIchey Hardwood Floors - Residential Flooring

  • RIchey Hardwood Floors - Residential Flooring

Richey Hardwood Floors has satisfied countless homeowners with our quality flooring. We are based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and handle residential flooring projects within a radius of 40 miles or more. We typically complete between 20 and 24 residential flooring jobs each year, helping area families make their natural wood flooring dreams a reality.

There are several ways to add individual touches to your hardwood flooring project. Parquet flooring, for example, makes use of wood blocks or panels to create geometric patterns, allowing for a unique design or appearance for your home’s floors. Other popular designs include chevron, herringbone, random or plank patterns. Homeowners are limited only by their imaginations and how they want their floors to look.

Engineered flooring, a three-ply form of plywood with a thick veneer, is a popular option for homeowners with a concrete slab foundation. Natural wood flooring needs to be nailed in place. This is because natural wood will expand and contract with normal temperature fluctuations. Natural wood flooring options can still be used when a concrete foundation is present, but more prep work is involved. But with engineered flooring, the opposing layers of wood counter the natural expansion and contraction. Therefore, engineered flooring can be glued instead of nailed, making it ideal for homes with a concrete slab.

Basic ¼-inch hardwood flooring can easily last for hundreds of years with the right care and maintenance. Simply keep the floors clean and dry. Wood is porous and tries to absorb water. This process damages your floors, so avoid getting them wet. Otherwise, industry improvements have made most sealants much more resistant to damage and wear than in the past. Residential hardwood floors need to be refinished every 10 to 20 years for best results.

All work by Richey Hardwood Floors is guaranteed for one year. We are fully insured and hold an unlimited license within the state of Arkansas.Roger Richey

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