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Richey Hardwood Floors is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and we prefer commercial flooring projects within a radius of 200 miles. Typically, we complete about five major flooring projects over the course of the summer, but we have installed as many as 13 gymnasium floors in a single season.

Commercial flooring differs from home projects. Flooring for gyms, dance studios and stages requires impact cushioning, for instance. Rubber pads or foam need to be installed before the wood is laid.

Commercial flooring also gets much more use and wear than residential flooring. Subsequently, commercial flooring for gymnasiums, stages and dance studios needs to be refinished annually, sometimes even twice a year. We average about 35 such refinishing jobs each year.

We have constructed or repaired nearly all of the gymnasium floors across the region. You can see our handiwork at Southside, Northside, Kimmons, Chaffin, Ramsey, Darby, Fort Chaffee, Alma, Van Buren, Hackett, Lavaca, Roland, Lincoln Youth, Greenwood and many other area schools. Richey Hardwood Floors also paints line markings and logos for basketball and other indoor sports.

Fir or pine are frequently used for stage flooring. Props and other furniture are often nailed to the stage during productions, and these softer woods more easily recover from the frequent nailing and removing. The wood actually closes back up after the nails are removed.

All work by Richey Hardwood Floors is guaranteed for one year. We are fully insured and hold an unlimited license within the state of Arkansas.

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